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talk to strangers online in free chat rooms

The fact the vast majority of attacks are perpetrated by someone we know tells us that strangers are safer than people we already know. Obviously, we need a better, more reliable way to gauge who is safe and who isn’t. For this we turn to one of our two most underrated, overlooked and underused natural resources - our gut feelings! These are survival instincts we were born with and their job is to keep us alive. When a child learns to acknowledge, trust and follow their gut feelings about every person, place and situation in their lives, they are automatically, and tremendously, safer forever.

How To Teach Children About Gut Feelings

  1. With your supervision, have your child speak to a stranger
  2. Afterward, ask your child if they felt good about the person (yes or no)
  3. Ask your child if they needed help, if they would ask that person for help (why or why not)

There are numerous talk to strangers online in free chat rooms opportunities, every day, to ask your child how they feel about something or someone and help them to acknowledge, trust and follow their gut feelings. If you choose to empower your child to use their own best safety tool, not only will they be inherently safer from verbal, mental, emotional and physical attack, they will have healthier self-esteem and a much greater chance of success at everything they do.

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