Obtaining autographs from the world of music should be an enjoyable hobby and the internet provides an inlet into developing that hobby, however, it is not without its difficulties. Many issues are brought to light regarding authenticity; with such a vast resource to manipulate there are unfortunately some people who will take advantage of that.

Aside from the internet, music artist autographs are a popular selling item at organised music events and festivals. With pictures neatly framed and accompanied by an autograph they are often purchased as a memento by many fans to re-create memories of gigs they have attended. Again, demand for autographs at these events is popular and sellers recognise the demand and oblige by giving adoring fans a treasured piece of memorabilia.


Given the ever increasing speed at which new artists are appearing one thing is for certain, the demand for music artist autographs will continue to grow. One way in which the demand is being met by musicians in particular is by answering requests through social networking sites.

Social networking sites allow access to celebrities on a much more personal basis and provide fans with an open dialogue to request autographs through celebrity home pages. The sites also detail public appearances at events such as record and book signings and in some cases this also acts as great exposure for specialist websites who sell music artist autographs as they can turn up at these events in order to acquire in demand autographs.


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