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Starting in 1969, the fourth series of Canadian banknotes was released. This series is called the Scenes of Canada Banknote Series. The Bank of Canada printed this set of notes from 1969 to 1979 because of troubles over the amount of counterfeiting.

There were many changes to this order of banknotes colorwise to help prevent counterfeiting. On most of the bills, except the $1 bill, black ink was not used for printing. There were new colorful and curvy patterns to the bills and the series became known as the “multicoloured series”. The $1000 note was not a part of this set of banknotes. Although the bills were still Ottawa concerts - dates bilingual, English was not always printed on the left of the bill as French was not always printed on the right as on the previous series of banknotes. Because the currency of Canada was not tradable for gold the phrase “will pay to the bearer on demand” was interchanged with the phrase “this not is legal tender”.


To greater national identity, former Canadian prime ministers were pictured on some of the bills. Queen Elizabeth II was initially supposed to be on all of the banknotes, but the Minister of Finance ordered that not all of the bills have the queen’s portrait on them.

On the reverse of the Scenes of Canada $1 bill was a sight of the parliament buildings from across the Ottawa River in Ontario.

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